Former ranger devoted to a new life serving God.


Nathaniel is a former ranger and member of the Kingsmen. He allied with Roland Highgate and Alira shortly after Roland’s arrival in Stonewood, but in their adventures Nathaniel was slain in a brutal fight with a giant troll. Without Nathaniel’s prior knowledge or approval, Aleera’s druid kin cast a powerful reincarnation spell to bring Nathaniel back to the world of the living. His spirit was housed in the body of a satyr, a type of creature that Nathaniel and all other rangers would see as a monster. Nathaniel initially rejected this new body, but Roland and Aleera were able to convince him that he could still do good in the world in this form.

Nathaniel underwent a religious conversion of sorts when fighting undead alongside Elias. Nathaniel now lives with and works alongside Elias in his cliffside shrine, using his martial training to protect and defend Elias from all threats.



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