Quinn D'Arcy

Former street urchin and guild initiate now wealthy merchant smuggler seeking revenge in Percipus



Q – Matteo Dolfini
K – Antonio Pazi -R-
— Matteo is the merchant that will be the head of the trading concern whose investments were set up by Fillipo Bellini (also Quinn) on a prior trip to Precipus.

Q – Merrik R
K – Miyuki
— This identity will be totally new and will be new to Precipus and will be wanting to get the attention of the Thieve’s guild in some fashion.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Q – Alder Pennybrush R
K – Allyssa Trestle

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
Identities prior to recent landing:

The Librarian – Scholar Mapmaker

The Scribe – Forger

Jacopo d’Este – Con man

Matteo Dolfini – Merchant

Bruno Leschi – Sailor (visited Precipus prior to recent landing)

Francois Pape – Actor (visited Precipus prior to recent landing)

Fillipo Billini – Agent for Dolfini (visited Precipus prior to recent landing)


At the age of 14 Quinn had a plan for his life. He had guiled his way into the good graces of the Thieves Guild and had garnered their trust. He now had important responsibilities for important people. Soon he thought he would be fully initiated and he would work to solidify and increase his power within the organization as he had done with every situation in his short life. Finally he thought to himself that he would have a place, mean something to other people, have other people care about him.

While acting as the conduit between the Thieves Guild and the wealthy merchant Lorenz Pinot, he became enamored with Pinot’s young daughter Grace. The passion raged between the two of them as only teenage love can. Further fanned by the winds of forbidden love, the best laid plans could not withstand such an inferno.

A few months after Quinn and Grace began their torrid affair, after frequent clandestine meetings, Grace for once didn’t show. Their normal vines of communication bore one morsel of fruit: Grace had been spirited away in the night. Distraught, Quinn became reckless and acquired a severe beating by the city watch, as his mouth was no longer controlled by his sizable intellect, but rather by the enraged longing for his Grace.

Having barely survived his beating from the city watch, Quinn crawled back to the hovel he shared with Roland. When he awoke, Roland, the sole person he trusted, was by his side. The words that Roland spoke evoked the same gut wrenching pain as when his older brother had left him in the market of Percipus years ago. “I don’t know what you’ve done, but this is it. The Guild wants you dead and I’m dead if I don’t kill you first.” Just as before, part of Quinn knew that he was stranded alone in a hostile world. As much as he wanted to believe that the ones he relied upon would not discard him he could not. He resigned himself to the task at hand, get out of the city and live another day. Once that was accomplished he would begin again, he would return.

Quinn D'Arcy

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