Half Orc Bandit Leader


Rostofson worked briefly as a laborer at the build site for the castle in Stonewood before leading a group of fellow laborers in an uprising and stole the yearly sheep tax, a huge amount of gold. Rostofson and his bandits disappeared immediately into the wilderness with his band and has not been heard of since.

Lothias left Stonewood in pursuit within a few days with a retinue of knights but whether he has been successful in finding and finishing Rostofson is unknown.

Rostofson is a half-orc rogue/fighter and is very skilled and resourceful. He has been a mercenary for many years and came into Percipus as a half-orc laborer while running from some past criminality.

He is hiding out at the ruined monastary just south of the Murk. He is busily making friends with the local leaders of the area. He was trying to make a connection with Maulkoth but it was not going well. He has made in-roads with area orc and bandit leaders and is trying to unify them and buy/steal/make weapons from local and non-local sources. Ultimately he wants to carve out his own land and become a noble.

Was killed in a last stand at the abandoned Monastary by Roland and Kurgaz. Content Not Found: Tomas and two other King’s Men arrived to provide intelligence and help during the lightning raid that destroyed the bandit leader and his followers.


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