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  • Elias

    Elias is a defrocked monk from the [[Monastery of Lir]] who has turned into a heretic ascetic and moved out onto an exposed hard granite shelf where he is constructing a holy shrine all by himself. The shrine is a two story hole dug into the solid …

  • Gustav

    Older ringmaster type with huge voice and walrus mustache. Knows several languages and is always looking for the next deal.

  • Ja Ciregan

    Flamboyent clothes, very quiet personality. Has been performing since he was young, has a lifetime of experience. Thin, small, long arms and legs. Very dextrous and talented. Quiet, doesn't talk much, very kind.

  • Sevalia

    Very talented blonde dancer in the Troupe. Blonde, very attractive, doesn't like to be touched.

  • Brendemas

    Very small and agile, often dresses and performs as a Fool. Has been shown to be an active and enterprising thief.

  • Woitlan

    Stooped back, not very communicative. Kind to rest of Troupe, does the cooking carrying and all menial tasks. Seems thankful he is not out on the street.

  • Diewin

    Younger, agile, inexperienced tumbler. Wants very badly to perform, occasionally gets to warm up the crowd before the show starts. Cute young woman, long straight limbs and short cropped black hair. Tomboy. Has tried to work with Roland many times …

  • Kurgaz

    A massive and imposing figure, both literally and figuratively. Residents of Stonewood usually see Kulgaz but once a year, riding into town astride a giant bison to trade with the "civilized" folk. Kulgaz takes a neutral approach to Stonewood and the …

  • Alira

    [[:Roland]] befriended Alira shortly after arriving in [[Stonewood]], and has allied with her in his mission. Although their reasons differ, they are united in their hatred of the undead. Alira's animal companion is a wolf.

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