The Fey are a race of creatures who inhabit the Material Plane but retain a strong connection to the Fade, the realm from which they come and from which they draw their power. No one knows why the Fey have come to inhabit this plane or what their long term goals actually are, but they are prone to setting up their realms in wild places far away from humans where they can cast their magic and create within the Material Plane a place that more closely resembles the Fade from which they came.

The Fey are unusual in the sense that they do not seek to dominate other races or expand their power or geography through the usual means of war or diplomacy. They seek to be left alone and to remain a secret except for the very few who actively seek them out and by doing favors for them, befriend them. Fey creatures love the deep and wild places of old forests, swamps, occasionally ruins, and other places humans are unlikely to go. They are extremely territorial and will defend their kingdoms to the death if need be. They weave powerful spells to obscure their realms from general passers by, and more spells to confuse and disorient those who seek to attack directly. While not powerful magic users in the traditional sense, collectively they are a force to be reckoned with and in combination with other forest creatures they usually befriend they can be surprisingly powerful enemies once provoked.

The Fey have a deep connection to the land and vegetation to which they call home. It is not known from where they derive their power, but many tomes have been written that hint that the Fey somehow connect the Fade with the land in the Material Plane which they inhabit and thereby release more or less pure magic into the world. This leeching of magic from a Fey Kingdom attracts other magical creatures and general powerful life force to it over time further enhancing the power of the surrounding areas and generally creating over time that kind of environment the Fey actively seek; a place full of life and pulsing with the power of life imbued with wild, natural magic.

Humans respond to these Fey realms with suspicion and fear when they come across them. For the most part humans are not able to directly sense their proximity to the Fey, but they acknowledge it subconsciously by labeling an area as “wild” or “haunted” or both. Typically those areas of the world with a strong Fey presence are seen as older, more feral, and more potentially dangerous to humans and tend to clash with the human desire to want to civilize every area they come into contact with.

The Fey have very close relationships with all things that grow and live wild (flora as well as fauna) and there magic is largely focused around protecting the life force of the wild areas they call home. They are also very close to druids and elves and will occasionally ally themselves with those groups if their goals happen to coincide. More commonly it is found that the druids and elves will come to the defense of the Fey since the magic that each group practices seems to eminate from the same source. The Fey openly attack and harass Orcs, half-orcs, and all Goblinoid tribes whenever they are found since their destructive energies run completely counter to the magic of the Fey. They are largely neutral and mostly uninformed about dwarves since they have almost no contact with them.


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