The Order

Nox Noctis Est Nostri: The Night Is Ours.

The Order, known to its members as Ordo Purgatio Noctem, is a shadowy organization in every sense of the word.

They are an offshoot of the Church but the relationship is one sided. If the Church has heard of the Order it was likely forgotten about centuries ago and if any living members of the Church recognize their existence they keep the information and any subsequent connection very secret. The Order assists the Church and destroys Evil wherever it finds it but especially when that Evil in any way threatens the Church. The Order functions by embracing the violence and darkness which the Church openly rejects and preaches against as the means to protect that which they support. By seeming to work against the very tenets the Church supports, members of the Order realize that their very souls may be at stake but this is part of the acknowledged sacrifice that these members willingly make for the cause they love. In short, the Order are assassins for God.

The Order is made up of those individuals who are most comfortable in the shadows of the world. Anyone who has grown up in circumstances requiring the exercise of stealth, and understands how to embrace darkness and secrecy as a force for Good, is eligible for membership in this little-known group of zealots. Their over-arching mission is to take the fight against Evil into the one place where Evil is most comfortable: darkness itself. By following Evil into the places where it feels most comfortable they are able to approach undetected and hopefully slip a knife or some poison into a place where it will have the most affect.

How individuals get recruited or accepted into the Order is still somewhat of a mystery. The Order is a decentralized organization and as such each member only knows a few other members and all information is given on a “need to know” basis. Any member that is compromised can then be easily abandoned and the Order itself can move on uninterrupted. Whatever kind of hierarchy which is in place is known only to a very few people in high places. Recruitment, training, and operations are handled by individuals with unknown amounts of authoritative oversight by leadership.

Who are the Order’s targets? As a small underground organization they do not have the resources to go directly after demons, devils, undead and other obvious Evil groups. They instead focus upon the corrupt and Evil liars within the Church itself as well as organizations allied with the Church. They primarily attempt to regulate the Powerful. Because power corrupts it is often the Powerful who, while perhaps not the most Evil on individual level, have the most potential to create real Evil because of the reach of their edicts and influence. The Order, in its own small way, seeks to counteract that influence by directly removing those agents of Evil through any means necessary.

Over the years members of the Order have taken their relationship with Darkness to nearly religious levels. By integrating themselves completely with what to so many others is frightening and foreign and using it to promote the furtherance of Good they realize they are a group apart from the rest of humanity and function as such. Members of the Order embrace Darkness as their friend and comfort; as such, they are given “gifts” through their training that allow them to work within darkness with much more effectiveness than other people.

Unknown, unloved, and probably despised if they were known, the world is definitely a better place because of the work of the Order.

The Order

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