The Veil between this mortal coil and Heaven and Hell is thin, very thin. Angels and Demons, the soldiers of eternity, vie for the supremacy of their respective lords with the individual human soul as currency. On this battleground of good and evil the sides are distinct and forever opposed.

And while good and evil continue to define themselves by their stark differences, the reality is that the interplay between these disparate forces is much more complicated in the lives of the mortals whose souls are being fought over. It is within this moral gray area that much of humankind lives their lives and that evil is able to plant the seeds that can grow to overwhelm even the truest of hearts.

People are forced to make choices every day which have far reaching consequences. It is through these simple choices and common moral stands that a hero defines themselves and eventually comes to stand for the dark or the light. Where will you stand? How will you be counted?

Angels & Demons

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