Angels & Demons

Session 1

Merrick and Miyuki head to Alverez’s bar, the Rising Moon. on Ship street. Merrick is able to tell that this is a hotbed of illicit activity. He heads up to the bar and strikes up a conversation with Andre a half orc. After plying Andre with drink Merrick is able to find out that Alverez’s group and Andre’s gang in particular is indeed behind the stripping of the Dark Wind as retribution for not paying the extortion. Andre agrees to introduce Merrick to Lucas the Glove a captain of Alverez’s. A Half Orc named Hugo comes to Merrick and cautions him that he should watch himself and not take advantage of Andre.

Roland runs into the “Hammer of Witches” Clemente the Paladin of Lir after coming out of Ivone’s shop. Clemente tells him that he is an underling of Godfrey. They seem to be staking out Ivone’s and Roland tries to dissuade Clemente from believing that Ivone is a witch, but he is not successful and Clemente takes pity on him and tells him that he best steer clear of any more contact with her.

Andre returns to Merrick, after spending 15 min in the back and getting a word from Hugo. Telling Merrick that he can’t give him any word or work with him further. Merrick buys him one more drink. Merrick learns that Andre lives in the area and all his stolen swag is in this bar or hereabouts.

Sober female appears, speaks with Hugo, then disappears. Hugo approaches, sends Andre on his way. Hugo speaks with Merrick. Asks him to come around back. Prevents Kosei from coming back. Half-elvish woman says: “The Glove would like to meet you.” Merrick heads downstairs.

The Glove is sitting at a table, feet up, casual. Merrick sits down. Shoot the shit, eat, drink. The Glove is named Lucas. Offers some work in this area; come back tomorrow for the assignment.

Merrick and Miyuki leave, doubling back and checking for followers; spot a couple thugs that they’re able to lose. Merrick and Miyuki then create new random disguises, head back to the Sea Ward to Matteo’s mansion.

Ringfinger returns and reports that he has not seen anything like their little stalkers. There were eventually six of them that eventually went to the City of the Dead.

Roland sneaks through the shadows to his bolt hole. Ringfinger tells him that he was followed for a ways toward his bolt hole (several blocks away)by those little creatures. He sleeps.

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