Paladins of Lir

The military arm of the Church.

The Paladins of Lir are some of the most powerful and influential men at arms in the entire realm. In addition to their training in fighting and all forms of military tactics and strategy, they are also backed with the full spiritual power of the Church. Their spiritual power manifests itself in worthy members as the ability to channel the power of Divinity to fight evil directly and destroy undead or other abominations such as demons and devils.

In addition to all these abilities, Paladins also carry societal and political power as well. They act as judges, administrators, mediators, and diplomats. They carry the will and desire of the Church forth by any and all means necessary.

Powerful, memorable, and charismatic, not all Paladins are completely pure at heart. There are tales of Paladins of Lir falling from grace and becoming friends, leaders, and champions of all that which they used to oppose. Those deadly and demented holy warriors are the deadly Blackguards of legend.

Paladins of Lir can continue to serve as military leaders even when they have lost the purity of their hearts without falling completely into evil. Even if their spiritual powers have evaporated they are still useful to the order and continue to hold their positions of influence and power without any loss of prominence. This has led to a small schism with the Paladins of Lir between the realists and the zealots. The zealots contend that only those true to the faith who have the obvious backing of the Deity should wear the tabard of the Paladins of Lir. The realists (a much larger faction) contend that there is too much work to be done to split hairs over who is worthy and instead take a pragmatic approach to moving the interests of the Church forward.

These schisms have never really threatened to turn into open revolt with the Paladins of Lir, but they do demonstrate that attempting to generalize about these holy warriors of the Church is quite impossible.

The Paladins are incredibly popular among the general populace and anyone who has strong religious convictions. They have enormous wealth because of the donations their order receives and their church support, and this makes the more secular leaders and commoners very jealous. However, it is extremely difficult to oppose the Paladins openly, the one group who does is the Silver Spears, but they are only concerned with the Paladins when they encroach on the Spears’ sole right to patrol the streets of Percipus and arrest and detain criminals.

One of the biggest difficulties with opposing the Paladins is that for nearly every court within the land, a Paladin will be called as a Magistrate to decide the case.

Paladins of Lir

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